Disadvantaged sectors of society

Geoparks should seek to be inclusive in their activities so that sectors of society are not excluded from opportunities to engage within the Geopark.

There are many examples which Geoparks may wish to consider whilst developing their management and community programmes of involvement and engagement. For example:

  • A local community creating a Geotrail may wish to make the route wheelchair accessible. As a result, the project should consider slopes and gradients, path width with suitable and sustainable surfaces and design interpretation panels which can be read easily from a lower position.
  • Programmes to bring disadvantaged children from inner city areas to experience life in the wilderness. For some children this can be daunting as this is outside their usual experience, but with the right programmes and support, they can become champions for the Geopark on their return to their homes. Long term relationships could be developed between the Geopark and city schools.
  • Engagement with women and girls who make up half of the world’s population and therefore also half of its potential. This may involve the empowerment of women and girls through educational programmes or the development of women’s cooperatives, pursuing new lines of work and motivating women to get involved in the Geopark process.