Essential questions

You need to address some important essential questions as to why you want to become a UNESCO Geopark

1 Naming your Geopark

1.1 What is the name of your proposed / newly designated Geopark?

1.2 Does the name have any particular significance?

2 Why?

2.1 Why are you interested in becoming a Geopark?

3 What?

3.1  What is special about the territory which you are considering for Geopark status?

3.2  What unique geological story can your territory tell? 

4 Who?

4.1 Who is leading the application; which organisation?

4.2  Who is already involved; which organisations can collaborate to develop your Geopark?

5 Where?

5.1  Where will the boundaries of your Geopark be?

5.2  Would it be a transnational Geopark?

5.3  Would it contain or overlap with an existing UNESCO designated site?

5.4  Is your proposed Geopark coastal or oceanic?

5.5  Is your Geopark in an area currently under-represented in the network?

6 How?

5.1 How large is your Geopark territory?

5.2 How has the management body been legally established?

Set out your answers here . . .